The information in this manual is for the Installa- tion, Operation, Performance, Calibration, and Service of the A Digital Multimeter. The manual is design-. organization of the manual prior to using your new -hp-Model 34 7 8A. Using the 34 7 SA, .. CALIBRATION MESSAGE (see the A Service Manual). HEWLETT-PACKARD. HP A Digital Multimeter. Service Manual i_-_E]M;Ej] @ É E U W ĖĐ! L 1. [<2] E] [E] @ E] @ T3 il. I _.

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Table of contents Section Page Table Of Contents Section I, General Information Section Ii, Installation Procedures Section Iii, Operation Section Iv, Performance Manial And Section V, Replaceable Parts Section Vi, Backdating Section Vii, Service Line Frequency Switch Power Cords And Receptacles Bench Use And Rack Mounting Line Select Jumper Hp-ib Interface Connections Operating And Storage Temperature Typical Hp-ib System Interconnection Repackaging For Shipment Ac Power Operation Input Terminals Cleaning Front Panel Operation Dc Volts Measurements Typical Input Measurement Connection Typical Current Measurement Connection Ac Volts Measurements Dc Current Measurements Ac Current Measurements Number Of Digits Displayed Talk-only Mode mabual Controller A Program Codes Binary Status Byte Definition Performance Test And Calibration Dc Volts Test And Calibration Ac Volts Test And Calibration Ohms Test And Calibration manuxl Recommended Test Equipment Dc Current Test And Calibration Ac Current Test And Calibration Temperature Coefficient reference Temperature Dc Volts Test Dc Current Test Dc Common Mode Rejection Test Ac Volts Test Ac Current Test Ohms Test Limits Combined Calibration And Performance Tests Calibrating The a Dc Volts Calibration And Test Dc Current Calibration And Test Ac Volts Calibration And Test Ac Current Calibration And Test Ohms Calibration And Test Front Panel Assembly Instrument Disassembly pc Board Replacement Service Group Selection E Power Supplies And Reference F Theory Of Operation Ac To Dc Converter Input Circuitry And Interface Connection And Bus Structure Front Panel Bracket View Table of contents Warranty List Of Tables List Of Illustrations Instrument And Manual Identification General Information Table Power Plugs Diagram Controls And Indicators General Operating Information Front Panel Diagram Rear Panel Diagram Phase Control Of Burst Diagram Percent Modulation Diagram Basic Operating Procedures Modulation Generator Operation Am Operation Diagram Fm Operation Diagram Sweep Operation Diagram Burst Operation Diagram Theory Of Operation Basic Block Diagram Description Functional Block Diagram Description Main Generator Section Calibrated Symmetry Diagram Variable Symmetry Diagram Level Shifter Diagram Signal Generator Diagram U Burst Amplifier Array Diagram Burst Time Relation Waveforms Diagram Required 3478z Equipment Dial Accuracy Test Table Triangle Linearity Test Rise Time Test Triangle Linearity positive Slope Table Triangle Linearity negative Slope Table manuap Sweep Ramp Linearity Test Sine Wave Distortion Test Output Impedance Test Attenuator Accuracy Test Sine Wave Level Flatness Test