Brainwriting is an easy alternative or a complement to face-to-face . In brainwriting , six people are given a form and asked to provide. Out of all the creative methods, the method is categorized under the ‘brain- writing techniques’. The speed in which ideas are generated using this method. But the brainwriting method is one way in which you and your team Cue the method of brainwriting, a technique dating back to the.

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Enable All Save Changes. Please enable Strictly Necessary Cookies first so that we can save your preferences! During each round of the brainwriting session, each person involved is going to be asked to come up with three ideas brainwriging are written down on a worksheet.

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Once you know your objectives and your audience inside out, the problem faced then is having enough creative ideas to narrow down to handful for potential development.

6-3-5 Method

If you have a ton of different clients in a host of different niches, you are brainwwriting in need of a seemingly endless stream of creative ideas and inspiration for content marketing projects. Brainwriting gives everyone a chance to focus quietly, which for introverts provides a space for less stress than typical brainstorming sessions. But if there are any time constraints or resource constraints, you may choose to include them here.

Each of the three numbers included in the title of this system represents brwinwriting different element of the process. This page was last edited on 6 Novemberat In brief, it consists braihwriting 6 participants supervised by a moderator who are required to write down 3 ideas on a specific worksheet within 5 minutes, this is also the etymology of the methodology’s name.


But by the same token, it could increase the relevance of the output. Furthermore, the method works very well with inexperienced participants.

Brainwriting Method for Ideas Generation in Content Marketing

Views Read Edit View history. The worksheet consists of six rows across and three columns down.

Each participant will now attempt to develop or expand on the 3 new ideas in front of them. By the end of the session, there will be a long list of ideas already present on each of the worksheets, and those ideas can be used to spur new thoughts. The 5 minute timebox can start at this point. One of the things we have discovered about product creation is that without initiating playwe have no innovation, and conversely given permission to play, we see all sorts of tools being used in various ways towards creating products to delight users.

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Method – Ideenfindung EN

Personally, I much prefer this method. The cumulative braiwnriting can be a powerful one in this case, and it just might lead to the discovery of an idea that is perfect for solving the issue at hand.

In addition to this, no particular training for the supervisor is required. There are going to be six people tasked with developing ideas to solve a given problem, in addition to one person who is going to serve as the moderator. Disqus is a networked comment system complete with social network integration, advanced administration and moderation options. See the full brainwriring of Strategy Skills eBooks, templates and checklists available for free download right now. This process continues brainwritinv six rounds, until each worksheet contains a total of 18 ideas.

There is a risk of clash of similar ideas since there is braonwriting immediate group discussion which constitutes a loss of possible innovation. Retrieved from ” https: When that is the case, turning to brainwriting is a wise choice. With those ideas to reference, another round is started and all six people create three more ideas.


Journal of Medical Design. The list below highlights the basics —. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. And what you will get from braonwriting brainwriting session is invariably pretty rough around the edges ideas. One of the main advantages of using brainwriting is that it is a very straightforward method and therefore is easy and quick to learn.

For the worksheet, you may also create a grid with square sticky 6-3- put on a 3 x 6 grid worksheet.

Logged-out users or readers without 6-33-5 accounts can also opt-out of tracking for individual browsers. A Systematic Approach Design Council ed. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply My comment is. A simple brainstorming session can be incredibly productive, especially when you need to find new directions and possibilities for your organization. Journal of Consumer Marketing. Keeping this cookie enabled helps us to improve our website.

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Creativity – An Overview/6-3-5 Brainwriting

Each of the 6 participants will in this time write down 3 ideas, aimed at meeting the target in question. After much testing and playing around with the method, I have found the most effective briefs include brainwrting key pieces of information:.

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