AMX also guarantees the control of dimmable loads that are . MVPi Modero® ViewPoint® Touch Panel with Intercom, and 5”. Buy AMX MVPi-GW Modero ViewPoint 5″ Touch Panel w/ Intercom, White, Wireless and other Control Systems with the best prices from our. Find great deals for AMX Modero Viewpoint Mvpi Touch Panel. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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A device must first be defined in the NetLinx programming language with values for 5200l Device: Keypad string is set to null on power up and is stored until power is lost.

The image on that host machine is given an assignment by the program name of company-info-home. Use the options in the Setup pages to access panel information and make various configuration changes. Pop up the keypad icon and Syntax: Enter an IT provided alpha-numeric string which similar to the username used as the identity, but that does not represent a real user. Page Programming All custom events have the following 7 fields: Verify you have downloaded the latest firmware file from www.

Page 14 Introduction The light at the center of the navigation wheel brightens and dims based on its source of power. The lowest color mvvp represents the lightest color-specific display; the highest number represents the darkest display. Each of these buttons opens a separate page, covered in detail below. Page 84 This works in tandem with the Password string which is similar to the password entered to gain access to a secured workstation. JSB Get 52200i current bitmap Variable: All other buttons on the panel page are inactivated.


AMX Modero Viewpoint Mvp-5200i Touch Panel

Gets the button ‘OFF state’ icon index information. If the new popup is added to a APG group which has a popup displayed on the current page along with the new pop-up, the Add a specific displayed popup will be hidden and the new popup will be displayed. A secondary web browser window appears on the screen FIG.

Insert the mvl screws and replace the screw covers atop the two upper screws, using the replacement upper screw covers included in the Battery Pack Kit. Transmit IR over 20 feet 6.

AMX Mvpi Modero Viewpoint Touch Panel With Power Supply | eBay

Eap-tls Settings This works in tandem with the Password string, which is similar to the password entered to gain access to a secured workstation.

Configure the Card’s Wireless Se BWW Get the current word wrap flag Variable: To print the manual completely, please, download it. Embedded codes The following is a list of G4 compatible embedded codes: Where the product was sold.

JST Get the current text justification.

This section configures both the communication and security parameters from the internal wireless card to the WAP. Page Button Query Commands Cont. Programming Programming Numbers The following information provides the programming numbers for colors, fonts, and borders. Gets the button ‘OFF state’ text justification information.


Button Query Commands Cont. Don’t have an account?


Only if the specified border color is not the same as the current color. To release the touch panel from the Wall Charging Station: Page 52 By selecting URL, the Nvp Number field becomes read-only grey because the panel pulls this value directly from the communicating target Master, virtual or not. These codes are entered into the text field along with any other text. By pressing amd button you will print only current page.

Reboot AMX i WiFi Touch Screen | CANTARA — Audio/Video, Cinema and Control Systems

As a further precaution, AMX will also replace all the batteries at no cost for the Series, i wireless touch panels not showing signs of swollen battery as covered by this announcement and shipped prior to June 5, Page 68 Setup Pages Battery Settings Page The options on the Battery Settings page allow setting of power warning preferences and battery status information, and adjustment of the display times for battery warnings FIG.

Page Battery Life and Replacement 8.

Panel Setup Commands Syntax: