Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. Shop BM Digital multimeter 2x LCD Bargraph41segmx/s 5x/s BMS BRYMEN. I wanted to check why you still would want to buy Fluke, if Brymen is cheaper and as good. Would it be because you have worked with Fluke. Find great deals for BM Digital Multimeter 2x LCD Bargraph41segmx/s 5x/ s Bms Brymen. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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My own impression from this holster and tilt bail design are that it is feels nice in my large palm, plus it gives a more natural grip than what the 28II offers.

With no force at all and just gentle moves, they perform nicely. Agilent uses a K-type adapter that is not shrouded but it has a high quality banana plugs. The BM specifications by the book are up to 1MHz.

Innovative design, fast sampling, Industrial personality, plus affordable price range. By the book, the minimum operational temperature is 0C, and so I came close enough.

I will test and review this battery soon, and I will retest the BM about the Data logging duration with them. And the description would be as: It was not made by the philosophy found on the very inexpensive multimeter’s, like be an extra rubberised cover.

The display passed with success the known external pressure test, like pushing the clear plastic with your fingers and looking for any side effects on the viewable area. Dear Kiriakos, I do find your report very informative. Read all reviews 1.

BM Digital Multimeter 2x LCD Bargraph41segmx/s 5x/s Bms Brymen | eBay

The specific review have been originally posted in forums at December 15 and revised at June 9 Frequency counter On the Duty cycle test, Brymne have followed to the letter all the suggested technical specifications, but for the frequency counter test I decided to act wild. Rubberise feeling on the test leads, shrouded banana plugs, soft silicone brymrn the cables, and the leads tips are convertible to: The BM with the 16 seconds timer it can not compete.


The range switch, well honestly even if it works well enough, I am a bit disappointed from it. Single Alkaline 9V bm69 Power Consumption: I would suggest to BRYMEN to take under consideration all those details, especially for multimeter’s that would be exported in the Europe.

Brymen BM869s multimeter

This made me to play with my DC power supply for long time, by trying to find with a major difficulty a voltage setting that the final count will be different. Those parts are expendable, and also for professional measurements you will need a more appropriate set of K-type bolt-on probes, capable to operate even above the Celsius mark.

At my own test about Auto-range tolerance in the 50K Ohms range, the meter displayed 53K as max. I am still praise the lord that Agilent came in my life, even by plain luck. The beeper stops beeping if the resistor is over the 84 Ohms. When is set face up with out the tilt bail the contrast is good. Part — 10 Testing under extreme temperatures. It is a fact that even today, according to: Examples of Auto range VS Manual range.

In a later time of the first review I did further testing about operating the BM at low temperatures, the days of January was colder than Decemberthe multimeter operates fine even at at 1 Celsius.

Electrical nm869 and measurement equipment reviews.

Brymen BMs Multimeter, €

Very accurate measurements can be read thanks to the ,count display that updates 5 times per second. The relative mode does not lock the auto-range.

But I like to have one when it will be available. Now I can proudly verify that the BM it is immune until 7C. The carton box looks a bit fragile, there is no second carton box in it, so to hold the meter and the accessories stable in place.


In order to test the fast response of the bar graph, I have use my reference 10V DC source, and I was just playing around with the on-off switch, the human eye is unable to catch the movement of the extending segments at this speed on the BM I am not aware if it stands as realistic in the world of metrology, but it is my personal best shot, as a simple Industrial electrician.

At the bottom of this review there is pictures as confirmation, the display remained crystal clear and responsive, the BM it did win in this test too. In other words, the meter will intelligently avoid entering the APO mode when it is under normal measurements, that is quite Impressive!

BM869 Digital Multimeter 2x LCD Bargraph41segm.60x/s 5x/s Bm869s Brymen

Some of the special measuring particulars of the multimeter include for example the high-speed capacitance measurements that allow readings of 25 mF within seconds. Thanks to thecount display, the meter can accurately measure 2 decimals even at V.

I found video wich shows that this meter, can withstand V, without any damage. My impression is that a belt type magnetic brymfn is a more appropriate design or choice, than using nylon string as link between the multimeter body and the magnet. Test leads The BM comes with high quality test leads, better than the one found on the BM non industrial version.

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