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With clear and easy-to-understand exercises, The Piano Handbook is perfect for anyone interested in learning the piano. It provides fresh material and techniques, and gives brand-new players everything they need to learn and enjoy the piano.

This book’s innovative tutorial approach to piano covers classical and contemporary music styles in an integrated way. Instead of limiting students to one type of music and one style of playing, author Carl Humphries draws connections between various genres and techniques, highlighting the principles and history they share. Performance, improvisation, and composition are treated as interrelated skills that can be learned together.

Featuring a mix of repertoire and freshly composed study pieces, The Piano Handbook demonstrates that learning different kinds of music at the same time can be a positive and enriching experience. Carl Humphries is a pianist, composer, and music journalist.

He studied piano and composition in London, Turin, and Berlin, and has performed dscargar some of the most prestigious classical and jazz venues in the UK.

Hanon – Virtuoso Pianist in 60 Exercises – Complete: Schirmer’s Library of Musical Classics, Vol. Como tocar el piano. Curso Todo en Uno para Adultos: Nivel 1 con CD Didattica musicali. Ver bastirn las apps de lectura gratuitas de Kindle.

Spi 21 de noviembre de Idioma: Mostrando de 1 opiniones. Ha surgido un problema al filtrar las opiniones justo en este momento.

Vuelva a intentarlo en otro momento. The content of the book is good, I have no complaints. But the first page comes, literally, torn off and the cover crushed and broken, with one of the rings bent.

I feel like this book has good material but starts out with too steep of a learning curve for a true beginner. It might be better suited for an adult who had some piano instruction in their youth and is looking to get back into it.

For beginners it starts off with some pretty challenging pieces that might be discouraging. For example, one of the first pieces you desdargar is a baroque piece by Purcell that includes some basic counterpoint in the left hand.

While I was able to learn it, it took a week of playing the same piece over and over again, badly. While I get that this approach builds up your skills, it is a lot simpler to teach a beginner metodp do some simple patterns of chord changes in the left hand so they can learn a song quickly, have fun, and sound good. You can move on to more complicated left hand material after you’ve built up some confidence.


The starting pieces are simpler and more like stuff you’d find in children’s books, but much easier to play, making it easier to move along quickly through the book and not get stuck.

I tried – and failed – to learn the piano when I was younger. It was boring, slow, repetitive and I couldn’t play any songs that were even remotely interesting because they were all designed around 2 basic hand positions.

That means that I never learned to read music, I just learned to read notes relative to my thumb position. It made playing any real music impossible.

So, after about 18 years, I decided I wanted to learn adulfos to play the piano. The 2 things Metodi wanted in a book were: Probably the pace is actually a bit too fast. After a short time progress becomes slow because it takes so long to actually practice the material. But, the book provides enough of a base that I could start playing other songs while working through the book. So far I’m only part way through the book. Consequently, it has a lot of information I haven’t really looked at e.

It really is a very comprehensive book. I think it could be used by a beginner to really nastien the piano. Compared to all of the other books I’ve seen I’d definitely recommend it.

I’m self taught at the piano, but was a semi-professional musician on a different instrument, so I know how to learn music.

Carl Humphries: The Piano Handbook: : Carl Humphries: Libros en idiomas extranjeros

I breezed through the first few exercises, then re-discovered exactly why I set this goal to “learn to play piano properly”. There’s no busy-work, each exercise teaches you at least two or three different skills, sometimes all at once, so if you don’t aduptos how to practice, how to pick apart music, how to slow it painfully down and do monotonous repetitions, frustration is in store.

I like a little variety, and am moving slowly enough through this that I’m supplementing with Czerny and maybe some Hamon so I have a few things to teach each skill, and I don’t just pull my old trick of being a great mimic instead of learning so making sure I can apply my new found skills to more than just the piece in this book that introduces them. If you really want to learn to play piano, and know how to practice, this book will do it, but you’ll likely be happier if you supplement it with some other studies, and work them in parallel.


If this is your first ;ara at learning a musical instrument, this might not be the book for you unless you sort out how to practice others here have described their methods, variations on the same themeor get a teacher to help you sort it out.

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A proper index of pieces would improve this book, as well as printing on paper that’s easy to write in pencil on, but other than that, this book is mtodo really amazing. I’d recommend it highly, with the above cautions. More than just a piano book, this is a book heavy on theory and improvisation and will teach you not only about tapping keys, but also about understanding music.

I got adulttos book three years ago, never having read sheet music or played anything other than chopsticks poorlyand now I play live in a band. If you set aside the time and deal with the frustration of learning a skill, this book will guide you into pulling off impressive feats and understanding music in a way that you never did before.

Of the 5 piano books I have purchased, I rate this one as the best. I was an advanced piano player in a piano guild when I was a kid, but had not played for 40 years.

I had forgotten everything and needed to start from scratch. At the beginning, this book was a bit too advanced, so I purchased the “Afred’s Basic Adjust Piano Course” level 1 to get me started along with an app for my ipad “Piano Tutor” to help me learn the bass and treble clef notes again. After 3 weeks, I worked through the Alfred book and the ipad app and now the instruction of the Piano Handbook has been perfect to learn about basic music theory – reading music, hand positions, note intervals, chords and basic theory that metldo have to learn.

I love that this book is spiral bound like the alfred book because it lays flat on the piano music stand. All the lessons are available in audio downloadable from an online site. Gana dinero con nosotros. Todos los derechos reservados. Amazon Music Transmite millones de canciones. Book Depository Libros con entrega gratis en todo el mundo. Kindle Direct Publishing Publica tu libro en papel y digital de manera independiente.

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