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Recruiters say smart questions will wetfest you stand out from the crowd. These interviews consist of two rounds, which, depending on the number of interviewees, can take place on the same day or on consecutive days.

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As a young person you can pick up the language and enjoy the unique culture here. Because Asia has fewer applicants than New York or London, it typically does not hold on-campus events. Deutsche Bank has taken active steps to maintain diversity. I bring my food to my desk and eat while reading news articles and internal market update emails to stay in the loop on any new important news. It also includes a coverage function consisting of corporates, financial institutions, and German mid-caps.

Comps are spreadsheet models A bond or security that can be exchanged for shares of common stock of the issuing company. I make the time to work out, even if it means I have to work out after midnight. Deutsche Bank had offices in 72 countries and more than 80, employees as of March 31, Does the bank have plans to make a difference in these communities with its social responsibility philosophy?


But picking up the local language always helps. You should also network to learn as much as possible about the industry. If rates stay below 7 percent, the issuer pockets the whole grand.

Although people in GM might work slightly fewer hours than their counterparts in Global Banking, insiders say the work is more demanding. Can she follow a thought pattern and explain herself?

The bank is a participant in the U. This is especially true in Asia, where growing banks are competing fiercely to attract talent. Also known as a follow-on.

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People here are passionate and driven, and they push you ahead. This is an old, wellestablished institution. The internship in Asia commences with all interns wetfeey an intensive first week of training. The Careers section www. Some people do fit that stereotype, but they are few and far between.

Things were winding down as local dealers and clients got ready to go home. Outside of Asia, you have to focus on your one little area.

Bean, the company, was born. Now make sure all the executed trades have been placed in the good accounts. The client needs the analysis done by 1 p. And in investment banking you need to have good attention to detail. Across the bank, most employees must put in their two years before rising to the next level.


Create the schedule and presentation topic for an HR candidate who is coming into the wetceet for an on-the-job interview next week. Imagine, for example, that you were part of the team advising IBM in its acquisition of a publicly traded software developer. You work on bits and pieces, but then you go to meetings and hear your seniors talking to clients about the book you prepared.

Pitch book Deutschee bankers spend as much time pitching deals as they do working on them. On those nights dehtsche you have to work late, Deutsche Bank pays for dinner and a taxi ride home.

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This translates into an experience of working for a bank locally with global resources, rather than simply fulfilling orders from a corporate office thousands of miles away. On the Job One Deutsche Bank senior staffer is a dektsche of the Singapore Exchange and another is a director of the Singapore Commodity Exchange. The head would like to review it by 8 p. Then I report these results to senior management.