Introduction. Not so long ago a user on deciding to buy an acoustic set for his home theater (intended for computers) saw three main alternatives (according to . I have the digitheatre dts speakers and they do not have seperate rear speaker connections. Is there a sound card that will give me 4 point. Hi Guys, looking for some advice. I have the chance of getting a Videologic Digitheatre DTS system for <£50 and would like to know if this.

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Audax 10mm polymer dome tweeter. Speaker System Detachable Grilles. Considering that a sound track is decoded in 16 bit 48 kHz we received the following: Samsung Developer Rigitheatreday 2: The center unit was a piece and the decoder another one, which resulted in more wires to connect and extra space wasted.

The third connection option is an analog stereo connection. Theatre uses all the speakers to create the effect of a real theatre. As far as the price is concerned, I think that it’s appropriate.

Well, the market was waiting for some kind of a compromise. If the sub is backed up into a corner or at the edge of a wall and then floor, it will increase the bass effects as reflections direct more of the sound to the room. Let’s compare it with something more familiar. The next button is the level. Click to Enlarge The unit has a variety of input options for connecting to source material.

The second variant is a set made with improvised means, you should just add to the quality of Hi-Fi level system missing elements how you can do it I wrote in my article Santa Cruz sound card review. Secondly, a possible necessity digitheatrw buying of a separate decoder Dolby Digital 5. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.


The driver vigitheatre self is built in a MDF wooden cabinet. As you can see this set is more considerable. Thu May 17, 8: A remote control doesn’t look as something extraordinary. However, I have a feeling that the author was somewhat biased over-awed? Let’s consider it a bit deeper.

Videologic Digitheatre DTS

Sorry I can’t help. Log in Don’t have an account? Besides, if you get tired of working and you feel like listening to music you can leave only front speakers and a subwoofer with only one click on the remote control without hundred crazy mouse’s clicking into digitheatrs of utilites.

The only thing that holds it back is the cost. Today there are more than movies with DTS for the first zone and about 50 are coming soon. And when turning on a subwoofer we got decent lows. The best deals you can still get You can still get discounts on Amazon devices and more.

The results were impressive. Not so long ago a user on deciding to buy an acoustic set for his home theater intended for computers saw three main alternatives according to price increase: It can be characterized with three words: Anyway, my own biased viewpoint aside, there is only one thing I wanted to say, really. But there are some downsides. Conclusion The VideoLogic DigiTheatre is intended for those dugitheatre are not satisfied with 2″ speakers in plastic case.

If absolutely needed, an extension is available from VideoLogic in the United Kingdom.

VideoLogic DigiTheatre DTS – speaker system – for PC – wired Overview – CNET

Interestingly that beside these two systems I found two more positions: Each input is individually selectable at the control module, though the physical connections are made to the amplifier that is integrated into the subwoofer enclosure. Your going to love the way you can hear gunshots, alien chatter and backfire encase you more into this unusual concept world, more than you ever imagined possible. Entertainment has always developed off the shoulders of technology.


DigiTheatre Total power of the acoustics is They have MDF wooden cabinet, containing magnetically shielded drive unit, from Audax the firm from Harman International concern.

Includes bracket-mounting holes and removable grilles brackets available separately from www. The first, the second and the third are that this one very comfortable.

Oct 15, Posts: However, it will suit games frequency of sound effects is rarely higher than 11 or 22 kHz and for DVD-movies with Dolby Digital 5. The connection on most sound cards is via a minijack in order to save space; the center pin of the jack referenced to shield will provide the digital signal.

Pure Digital Digitheatre DTS Speakers Review

The Digitheatrr DigiTheatre DTS system consists of four satellites, plus a center speaker integrated into a control module for the system. As for classical and jazz music the sound is not that good and it’s was being said the very soflty. Look at this minute remote control. First is its casing.

The Center speaker is different from the four satellites.