Let’s consider how this goes in his article “Misrepresentation,” which Dretske takes the notion of meaningn to be a plausible starting point for. Frederick Irwin “Fred” Dretske was an American philosopher noted for his contributions to . carry information. This is how misrepresentation enters the world. Dretske – Misrepresentation. Uploaded by nmoverley. Philosophy Dretske Misrepresentation Writing. Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Download as PDF, TXT.

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I am beginning to wonder about this need of modern philosophers to express misdepresentation using all kinds of sub-texted, super-texted, and starred-predicate languages. Codge OMG, how could any 21st century person aware of cognitive science and neurophysiology and its pathologies do anything but laugh this stuff back to the middle ages – this is childish jibberish! If that doesn’t strike you as bizarre and profoundly confused, then I suspect we can’t have much more of a discussion.

Suppose now musrepresentation we have a creature capable, through conditioning, of continually adding to the number of properties of the tree to which it is sensitive. Just Thinking August 19, at 7: People deserve to know the truth and lying is wrong among humans but the notions of deceit and integrity as moral concepts have no place in the animal world. Aretaic turn Australian realism Communitarianism Ordinary language philosophy Philosophical logic Philosophy of language Philosophy of science Postanalytic philosophy.

Misrepresenting Dretske

I discuss and defend this principle of proportionate causality in Aquinas. Jonathan Adler – – Episteme 4 3: I’ve posted the 33rd and 36th comment three times today. Just Thinking August 18, at 8: Biblically, humans are superior only in their culpability for failing to express the Word which makes them “worders”.

Obviously, all these terms are retroscriptive and don’t reside in nature apart from semiotically capable entities, which remains Dretske’s problem. Find it on Scholar. True, when we observe the expansion, we can given our background knowledge infer that the temperature is rising.


Why not say instead that their function is to indicate the direction of geomagnetic north, or even just to indicate the direction of magnetic north? According to Explaining Behaviora belief that s is F is a brain state that has been recruited through operant conditioning to be part of movement-causing processes misrepresentatoon of the fact that it did, when recruited, carry the information that s is F.

To combat this attack by the skeptic, Dretske develops relevant alternatives theory RAT. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. View my complete profile.

Dretske takes the notion of meaning n to be a plausible starting point for a naturalistic account of meaning, but it can, in his view, hardly be the whole story insofar as it does not give us what we need in order to account for misrepresentation.

Codge, are you saying that the brains of apes, whales, or wolves are not used to make decisions to navigate their natural homes? But at no point is the misrepresentztion taught to consider the conceptual difference between a “real dog” and a “fake dog.

The comments here are going berserk. Frances Egan – – Philosophical Dretskr 1: And since it is its need to avoid the tree that causes the creature to go into state R, what R functionally means, means fis specifically that a tree of the sort in question is present, rather than that the leaf pattern is present or that the bark is present; the indeterminacy that characterized the bacteria example has been eliminated.

Fred Dretske

My hunch is he naturally learns by writing, and by learning, he learns to teach better. He and his wife, I think originally began with a research project to raise and teach apes like human children, but over time his own empirical studies disillusioned him. Dretske’s next book returned to the topic of knowledge gained via perception but substantially changes the theory. But as Dretske himself acknowledges, even this will not quite do.


Dretske offers us no answer. A theory that appealed only to meaning n would therefore be no misrepresentztion on a crude causal theory. Some years ago I read a news story about an Italian mayor who outlawed curved-glass fishbowls, allowing only plane-glass aquaria and fishbowls.

And on a lighter note… http: This would show the uniquely generative and autonomously intra-stimulated nature of abstract human thought.

Fred Dretske, Misrepresentation – PhilPapers

Dretske’s last monograph was on consciousness. This is a key difference. Judgment is just the primary act of the intellect to say that “X is y”. Dretske’s first academic appointment was to the University of Wisconsin—Madison inwhere he rose to the rank of full Professor.

Dretske’s first book, Seeing and Knowingdeals with the question of what is required to know that something is the case on the basis of what is seen. This is, actually, all it means in a bare sense to say that “the rational soul is the form of the human”: Once you leave the room, Eric goes back to his unstimulated muteness.

Plus, you can’t sell what you don’t write, so he might as well get this stuff “down on paper” whenever he gets the chance, which makes it that much easier to submit to a journal or collate as a book. It is, therefore, false to say that only man thinks, or that only human behavior indicates the possession of a power to think. Ed How does the A-T notions of final causality better account for misrepresentation than Dretske’s?

The denial of epistemic closure is rejected by many philosophers who regard the principle as intuitive.