Tagged: aviation, e6b, flight computer, flight training, flight training words printed in the 50 page instruction manual that came with my E6B. The E6B flight computer, nicknamed the “whiz wheel” or “prayer wheel”, is a form of circular Manual E6Bs/CRP-1s remain popular with some users and in some environments rather than the electronic ones because they are lighter, smaller. ASA-E6B-CIRC . Your ASA E6-B Circular Flight Computer has two main parts: a circular slide . Your Approved Flight Manual lists fuel capacity in U.S. gallons.

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E6B – Wikipedia

Most likely they chose “E” because Dalton’s previously combined time and wind computer had been the E Not Helpful 0 Helpful computef. Learning how to use an E6B is going to be a piece of cake! The front side of the E6B is essentially a circular slide rule with three separate scales. It provides a way to input and reference data with pointers kind of like the buttons on a calculator.

How To Use A Manual E6B Flight Computer

Very clear and to the point. These scales are named and highlighted below:. In addition, computer programs to emulate the flight computer functions are also available, both for computers and smartphones.

Spin around to put our course under the True Index. The wind correction angle is determined by matching how far right or left the pencil mark is from the hole, to the wind correction angle portion of the slide’s grid. Philip Dalton — in the late s. The directions for the most common use of the wind side are printed right at the top. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy.


Dalton felt that it was a rushed design, and wanted to create something more accurate, easier to use, and able to handle higher flight speeds. The “B” simply meant it was the production model. The B and C scale must be good friends. The E6B can do a bunch of conversions. On a cross country flight, you climb at feet per minute for 7 minutes.

What Is This Thing? They were still in use throughout the s and s in several European Air Forces, such as the German Air Force, until modern avionics made them obsolete. Although digital E6Bs are easier to use, flight schools today are still teaching their lessons based on mechanical E6Bs [3]and for FAA pilot written exams and checkrides pilots are encouraged to bring their mechanical E6Bs with them for necessary calculations.

If you need a refresher, read about how to…. This small dent was created when I threw my beloved E6B across the room against a wall in frustration. Pointers are the input method of the E6B.

Philip Dalton was a Cornell University graduate who joined the United States Army as an artillery officer, but soon resigned and became a Naval Reserve pilot from until he died in a plane crash with a student practicing spins.

I love that they are still just as useful today. After the patent ran out, many manufacturers made copies, sometimes using a marketing name of “E6-B” note the moved hyphen.

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The arcs represent the wind velocity in knots. Also, I learnt how to use the E6B in 30 minutes, close enough to 20! Thanks so much for putting this together. I thought to myself, what reassuring words! Many just called it the “Dalton Dead Reckoning Computer”, one of its original markings.

The fkight name “E-6” was fairly arbitrary, as there were no standards for stock numbering at the time. Landing in this situation is like having a kt. Pointing straight across the river will cause you to drift downstream. These can be placed into the three different task groups as follows:.


This article tells how to use the wind side to find ground speed and true heading. The reality of the E6B is that, although it is simple to operate, it is not an intuitive piece of equipment to learn.

Is going to take hours, minutes, or fligyt to get between these two points?

As your E6B skills improve, you will be able to do problems like this much faster than you could with a calculator. Yes I have an electronic E6-B but I think it is important to learn and master the mechanical device.

I still keep one in my flight bag, turorial with the airlines. Rotate the azimuth plate until your desired flkght true course is aligned under the True Index mark.

You have to reason if that means 11,or S Army Air Corpsbefore its reorganization in June Wind Correction Angle, in degrees, as it might be programmed into clight computer which includes conversion of degrees to radians and back:.

When you know the distance and time 20 miles in 10 minutesjust line the two numbers up.

It was helpful for me. The back side is used for calculating wind correction only crab angle and groundspeed. The designation “E-6B” was officially marked on the device only for a couple of years.

Consider that a direct headwind will simply slow us down, and a direct tailwind will speed us up. Help answer questions Learn more.