Todo lo que viene de Dios, lleva la dulce y perfecta severidad del Amor Celestial. Dios corrige a sus hijos, los educa, los mantiene bajo riendas militares. Educalos desde el amor y la felicidad, en gratitud con la vida. Lo mas satisfactorio es saber que lo hiciste de la mejor manera,solo educalos con amor y te aseguro el resultado sera satisfactorio.

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Siguen los trenes solos rodando con la lluvia. This poem is part of a compilation of which I grew up with while learning to read in Spanish. This translation is as literal as possible. I was not able educalks translate the rhythm, Spanish has strict rules about accentuation and inflection.

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I tried to make it easier to understand. Neruda paints a new world in the entirety of this poem this is an excerpt where these lovers reside among others, but educalps not necessarily exist in that plane because their only concerns are their own.

All of that is not directly stated, rather implied. Not because of selfishness, but because it simply is not their purpose.


A. S. Neill

This entry was posted in Uncategorized. October 18, at 8: It was interesting to see how you relayed the voice of the poem into your own translation and even more fun to see how different it would have been had I also translated it.

Hi, I really liked the poem you picked amoe of its beautiful meaning. What was interesting was that even from your literal translation, I was able to get the gist of the poem, but the second translation really clarified the meaning. In order to amot the true meaning of the love story in the poem, I think adding a few lines to the second translation was a good idea!

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Great Works of Literature I Fall Translation Post Posted on October 18, by v. Love, how many steps to arrive at a kiss, what solitude therewas before your company! The trains continue rolling in the rain.

In Taltal the spring has yet to awake to think that cost so many stones that bears the river, the mouth of water Boroa, think separated by trains and nations you and I had to just love us all confused, with men and women, with the earth that educates and carnations.


Beloved, what a journey it was to arrive at your lips, such solitude before your company. Regardless of us, the trains push through the rain.

In Taltal, the Spring delays. To think, with the weight of the stones the river bears, the water at the mouth of the Boroa, think of separation by trains educa,os nations because all we could do was think of it.

You and I had only to love each other others confused, both men and women, even the earth that teaches carnations to bloom. Our only responsibility was us. Hi, As someone who also speaks Spanish, I had a lot of fun reading your post since it proves that translation is very different for everyone. October 20, at Proudly powered by WordPress.