Oath of Fealty (Paladin’s Legacy Series) [Elizabeth Moon, Jennifer VanDyck] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the original trilogy starring . For the first time in nearly twenty years, Elizabeth Moon returns to the thrilling realm of her superb Deed of Paksenarrion trilogy. Thanks to. In Oath of Fealty, book one of Paladin’s Legacy, two neighboring realms each get a new king–and both kings face personal danger and social unrest.

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She has to confront and overcome her strengths as well as her weaknesses And yes, I am thinking about the victims of the huge California fires.

This book picks up straight after the trilogy ends, so there is no time if in the story, but the writing style definitely made a gigantic leap right into the 21st century. But it would have been dishonest to make it easy. I had made a pact with Lois that I would write more stories and actually submit them, for a couple of years, before considering quitting writing again.

By the end of her story–as she saw it–in Oath of GoldPaks had grown from a runaway peasant girl to a paladin of Gird, a warrior who had experienced the worst and risen above it, and in the process begun a cascade of changes in her world.

Many new and interesting characters are introduced, along with the return of old friends, including cameos from Paks. It’s nice to see a new visit to a beloved fantasy world. But as Moon’s devoted fans know, she started her oatj as a fantasy writer.

Following that class, within a month or two, I noticed that the county biweekly paper was looking for a new stringer in the town where I live.

The development of Dorrin’s character and storyline is especially gripping, and I found myself reading far too late into the night elizabetn I just wanted to know what happens next.

Other things fill the time, including trying so far unsuccessfully to get fitter in the wake of the concussion. But his essential dishonesty, his inability to face the truth about himself, doomed him and his followers, and set the Fellowship of Gird on a path very different from wlizabeth Gird would have chosen. Baby and all, having a computer to write on saved me a lot of time in both writing and editing, almost enough to keep on at the same pace.


The Paks-ish moments came at the first, and again occasionally, including today when I did some ground work and longeing with her in the stable arena. This one starts off slow as much of the beginning is Arcolin doubting his ability and missing the Duke. For both, the interest not merely in the surface details of reigns and wars, weapons and tactics, but in the cultures and the people in the cultures, the ways they thought.

fealyy But on Midwinter Night, he is lured from the royal ossuary and confronted with ancient treachery that kath keep him from fulfilling his destiny. You will laugh—the other night I was awake and picked up a copy of it just to glance at…and two hours […] [ Sheepfarmer’s Daughter was the Compton Crook Award winner.

Paksenarrion Paksenarrion Dorthansdotter, headstrong daughter of a sheep farmer on the north edge of the kingdom, dreams of being a hero out of legend, of fame and magic swords and great deeds.

Only by Gird’s help can he survive–and those who ask for help will not only receive it, but must pay the price. Oh wow–I am not disappointed at all! When we get to Kieri’s coronation and he has to do a ceremonial walk around the town and we have to go with him The story itself is well written and the story does finally click.

Or some of them. Exactly what Gird’s plan for Arvid might be, he doesn’t know–but he will begin to find out what the price is. Some readers may think they’re too good, but I find it so refreshing in these days of grim and morally gray fantasy.


Oath of Fealty

Who will survive these crises, and what sacrifices will be demanded? He sends his old cohort, now headed by Jandelir Arcolin, on a contract back to Aarenis, Kieri’s previous area of campaigning, in order to raise funds and to reduce the strain on crops at home.

I became enthralled mid-way and just had to finish oc book. Some passages in those books still echo inside. Thanks for telling us fealry the problem.

Sep 09, Patricia Litz rated it really liked it. But it is an excellent read. Dorrin Duke Verrakai, meanwhile, in her role mlon Constable of Tsaia, faces her severest challenge yet when a member of the royal succession manifests the one talent Tsaian law will not tolerate while under her guardianship. Meanwhile, I was doing other things and learning a lot. So each of these stories has begun, picking up the tale right where it left off at the end of the Oath of Gold.

Years ago, yet another book obviously inspired by Tolkien appeared, but instead of some young guy carrying a magic dingus somewhere in order to become king, the point of view was a sheepfarmer’s daughter who wanted to be an ordinary foot soldier. Elizsbeth Surrender NoneGird emerges as a real person with extraordinary qualities–and very human failings.

Elizabeth Moon: Paksworld books

The general world building, and especially the Gods will make more sense if you finish the previous book. As this takes place right after Paks undergoes her week of sacrificial torture at the hands of the evil priests of Liart, she still looms very large in everyone’s mind. Public and private challenges are faced, entwined relationships explored, and individual stories braided together, creating a smooth arc for one richly complex storyline.