EMC Clariion – Possible Questions for Interview – Download as Word Doc .doc /. docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. (apologies in advance if anyone feels this is posted in the wrong forum). I’m applying for a server analyst job with an organisation that has a. SAN Interview questions (EMC Storage – Clariion, DMX and VMAX) What is Power path? Power path CLI to manage disks List Power path policy What is Vault.

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The module architecture allows the customer to add drives as needed to meet capacity requirements. When more capacity is required, additional disk array enclosures DAE or DAE2 containing disk modules can be easily added.

The LCC contains bypass circuitry that allows continued operation of the loop in the clarilon of port failure.

Both the front-end connection to the host and the back-end connection to the physical storage is 2Gb Fibre channel.

EMC Clariion (SAN) Interview Questions | Storage & Backup Tutorials

Presents a questios storage system. Manages the Access Control List. Any host that connects to the storage system will then have access to all of the LUNs on that storage system. In environments where multiple hosts attach to the interviww system, this will cause problems. It will determine which physical addresses, in this case the device numbers, clatiion attached host will use for its LUNs.

The Access Logix software manages this database. When host agents in the CLARiiON environment start up, typically shortly after host boot time, they send initiator information to all storage systems they are connected to. This initiator information is stored in the Access Logix database.


Right click on Clariion Array select Properties from the drop down menu. Spcollect is a Storage Processor based perl script which gathers significant information from the Storage Processor and bundles this information for investigation by engineering.

The managefiles command will transfer the data file to the Navisphere CLI directory where the command was invoked. Right click on clariion array and check the connectivity status whether the initiators are showing. If it is showing check whether the initiators are logged in. If it is showing under connectivity status and registered status showing “NO” then you need to install Ingerview or else you need to register it manually.

EMC Clariion (SAN) Interview Questions

If it is Registered and not logged in then you need to check the Zoning side and physical connectivity. If possible remove the zone and create it back. Once you create the zone dont forget to Enable and Save the config. After this just refresh it. Once all these tasks are fine then you can login to Navisphere and update the array once. Update is over then you can go to connectivity status and check.

What are the significant features of MetaLUN? Provisioning and resource allocation. Memory budgets for caching and for snap sessions, mirrors, clones, copies. Cache memory on an SP performs two tasks: Temporary buffering of current read and write data.

Repository for frequently accessed data. Maintaining copies of read and write data. User must explicitly enable this for both read and write.

My Blog: SAN Questions

Locality – Merge several writes questins the same area into a single operation. Immediacy – Satisfy user requests without going to the disks. Read cache optimization prefetching of data for sequential reads. Event Monitor is part of the Navisphere Agent.


Monitors for user-configurable events. Reports those events in user-configurable ways. Right Click on the LUN and select migrate from the drop down menu. Select the migration rate and click on OK. We can check the status from migration tab in the LUN properties page.

Interview Questions

All Clariions have Coariion Drives. They are the first five 5 disks in all Clariions. The Vault drives on the Clariion are going to contain some internal information that is pre-configured before you start putting data on the Clariion.

What are different types of Clariion models? Access Logix provides Clarilon masking that allows sharing of storage system. What are the significant features of Access Logix?

Why Access Logix has to be enabled? How can you check and enable Access Logix? Explain step by step procedure to assign a LUN to existing Host? What are pre requisites for LUN migration?

What is the recommended ration of Read and Write cache? What are the significant features of Cache Memory? What are the significant features of Clariion Event Monitor?

What are the Clariion Operating Layers? How do you create a user and assign access rights? How do you monitor Clariion alerts? What are Vault drives and how much capacity they use? Home Assessment Downloads Learning. Interview Questions and Answers.