Search for Senna (Everworld #1) [K.A. Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When David’s girlfriend Senna is swallowed up by the. KA Applegate did a Reddit IAMA session in The implication seems to be that her decision to stop writing the Everworld novels was driven by dramatically . Everworld series (12 books), by K. A. Applegate (and Michael Grant of the arrival of the alien god Ka-Anor, who feasts on the Everworld gods.

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So I want to talk about a different kind of book. The author is K. The books are about four teenagers living in Chicago who all know a fifth teenager, a witch.

The gods have human worshippers, usually about a town or city full, turning Everworld into a mosaic of different cultures and times. This might sound both corny and stupid.

Everworld Series

The way in which these kids get pulled into this world might seem overly coincidental. Eveerworld four teenagers are as stereotypical as the plot. Applegate has a couple of things going for her. These books are short.

The narration is in the first person, and while the prose is nothing special, Applegate has an ear for the internal monologue and also for the teenaged eeverworld which makes up a lot of the book.

Her characters make applgeate impossible feel grounded in the concrete details of reality, just because when they speak, what they say sounds like what you and I would say if confronted with an insane Norse god or a dragon.

The series spends some time focused on real life issues, such as racism, religion, gender politics. But it never turns preachy. These issues arise naturally so that when the series deals with race, it does so to further the plot evewrorld to show characters change.

These books are hard to get people to read, because when I try to talk about them, I make them sound worse than they are. The books are short individually, and when thinking about them each one is like an episode in a serialized television show.

When taken as a everworldd, this novel, in my opinion, is the best piece of American adventure fiction published in the last fifteen years. The books never feel stilted or watered down. A sharp guttural word, was how Hammet put it. This one quote should explain what kind of writer Applegate is. I think the series suffers from two or three problems. One character in book Eleven never came alive for me, book ten is a comparative slog, but these problems are the type of quibble that only exist because the series is so good.

I cannot push these books hard enough for people who like adventure novels. Nothing I say will easily convey what a fun time I had reading them.

Applegate has such a gift for drawing characters in quick sure strokes, for telling everwirld wonderfully paced story that grabs you and pulls you along, faster and faster. It goes from fast paced to faster paced. It ramps up rverworld tension. Despite its action packed plot, it makes you think. I really cannot recommend it enough. If you like fantasy at all, if you like adventure novels, you need to get your hands on this series right now. While I agree with your assessment for the most part I think there are a few things that should be pointed out.


Book 10 was a slow book for sure but in my opinion it was 11 and 12 that were the nadir of the series. Still theoretically I can see where those types of endings can make sense.

The Matrix, Terminator 2, and heck even Terminator 3 were all movies that had completely and finished endings that were functionally the start of an impossible war. Say what you will about Animorphs endings at least it felt like the authors decision. A stupid decision but the authors decision nonetheless. The ending in Everworld felt like a surprise to everyone including the author.

It was almost like the inverse of say The Wheel of Time Series. In which basically the author Robert Jordan has always maintained that he knew how the story would end. Everworld has the opposite problem. We had a decent pace, good characters, lots of action, adventure, even realistic development and romance, Then all of a sudden we are at the penultimate book. The major power has been removed from the board and the final book is functionally a nonsensical epilogue.

Honestly it just felt like she had a deal for 12 books, and by book 10 she realized she was going to have to go and start the end game. The Egyptians — they were the powerhouses of their hay day. They were among the most powerful, advanced and intellectual society in their time period. In the book she made Egyptian society out to be the most dilapidated of all the societies. Christopher — as a racist.

Even as a black dude I felt they were a few times too harsh on Christopher. All politically incorrect talk but still just talk. Not only did he have NO bite.

He never really intended to have bite. He hated David for personal reasons, his sexist attitude was no more egregious than any average teenage boy esp at that time period and he was never all that racists towards black people until the end game when he thought black kids would steal his car.

He always respected Jalil as a person if not a friend he just said things that Jalil as a black kid would never let slide. He would be kept around because he makes the leaders of that sort of outfit laugh. The sort of kid who bullies black kids but only in a group because that what it takes to fit in with that sort of crowd but not because he actually cares that the kid is black.

Then it would make sense. Christopher is a kid that they sort of knew. There are also the secrets. Aprils hatred enabled her to act. The only person who ever knew about it never brings it up. There was no reveal.

Complete Set Series – Lot of 12 Everworld Books by K.A. Applegate YA KA | eBay

Yeah it helped define his character but the arcs and tropes of a story suggest that this will come out. There has to be some sort of catalyst for that kind of hate but nothing. Senna did things but they were things that April never knew about.

April is actually one of the most non-motivated characters in the plot line. But in each case the relationship goes backwards too.


Jalil was hiding his mental issue, Christopher was jealous, David was hooked, April was hating back. All of that above said. When you subtract those last two books you have a series that quite possibly surpasses Animorphs in pretty much every metric. Even the lack of litany helped.

After 12 books or so you get kinda annoyed reading the same opening page over and over again. I never skipped the first page of an Everworld book to get to the story.

Heck that little mini-mystery of who was the author helped keep me engaged.

Search for Senna

The series was published on a monthly or by monthly basis from until and thus no space is wasted. So why oh why did they bother making another Terminator movie. As you can tell from my review I loved the shit out of this series.

Applegqte thought Davids secret worked fine as character development. It was one of those situations that I like in novels where its all about who knows what, and no one else except Cenna knew. What I did find interesting though is its Jalel that starts the first actual fistfight by calling him a cracker. Yeah, the ending was abrupt. I like that its trope heavy, it subborns tropes and messes with them enough to make them interesting but not enough to depress the reader.

Thanks for the commen. It just felt more stalemate-like than the others before it. I think they could have done some awesome things with Ares vs Mars or Venus vs Aphrodite etc it just fell flat because of the applegahe popping up that soon.

Without Book 11 I would have assume that the Greek versions and the Roman versions were the same. Like with the English where the myths were muddled and appplegate the personalities were muddled together.

Part of a great series. We learned about another who had crossed over. I loved this series, the concpept, the mythos, the characters, everything growing up, although I loved your point about the Egytptians.

Each of the four characters chose to leave behind the life they had back in our world. I knew nothing about the series when I stumbled across the 5th book. It looked like a great fantasy novel by the cover, also seemed for young adults, at the time I believe it was around I had to stop myself, wanting to find the first book.

I have since been trying to find it… I know wtf, long time right? I literally just found out what it was called tonight about an hour ago, so I am extremely happy at the moment xD so glad I found it and I am so excited to read the whole series based on just a few pages of the 5th book. This is such an awesome series, but I do agree that the ending seems a bit rushed… All in all though, just an amazing read.

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