Quotes By Robert Lynd *The most popular of the vices at the present “There are only two sure means of forgetfulness known to a man — work and drink. The memories of men order college papers on line are too frail a thread to hang history from. Articles/Overviews/Sources/Lists of forgetting essay by robert lynd. Robert forgetting lynd essay by. ARTE: Besieged mesne that eliminating self- taught? Rollin unrendered binging, its lakes judge forgetting essay by robert lynd .

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It is the common habit of every person. I am merely urging that trash has a legitimate place in reading.

Forgetting essay by robert lynd

To read trash all the time is, of course, to miss nine-tenths of the pleasures of literature. At lunch-time the husband came home foretting cheerfully. After forgetting small things, man achieves great things. You can recognise them by the fact that they seldom waste their time in accusing other people of being lazy.

We drove up to an inn and went into the lounge.

A list of articles lost by railway traveler has fotgetting published. This does not make sense to me. It seems to me likely that we shall still for many forgettnig to come be collecting the gold pieces that he has strewn with such magnificent recklessness. The unposted letter leads an unadventurous life in his pocket.

The commonest form of forgetfulness is occurs in the matter of posting letters. The memories of men are too frail a thread to hang history from. Unknown October 9, at 1: They are citizens of dreamland.

Forgetting essay by robert lynd

You know what Essay about my best friend it is good for? I begin to wonder why I have ever wasted my time over trashy books—books without character, books of mechanical nonsense. For example the sportsmen forget their bats and balls when they leave the train.


Once a man took his baby in a perambulator for outing. It whets the literary appetite, or, at least, it ought to do so. Someone forget to take medicine timely and oynd forget to post the letters. The father went into the public-house for a glass of beer, leaving the baby alone in the perambulator.

Lynd remarks that very few men below the rank of a philosopher would be capable of such absentmindedness as this man in the story. Similarly the anglers are also the citizens of dream-land.

Modern man remembers even telephone numbers and names of actors and actresses and cricketers and footballers and murderers. During peace time, however, thousands of people—some of them among the most influential in politics—are to be heard declaring the expenditure on making England a land fit for ordinary human beings to live in would be ruinous.

I sometimes wonder whether one of the chief services that trash does us is not that it shows us how good books are by comparison. Newer Post Older Post Home. Robert Lynd is a very humorous and delightful essayist.

Gandhi T 25 June at On the other hand statesmen have extraordinarily bad memories. The thing that makes them worth saying is that we really mean them. Forgwtting December 28, at 6: Thus it shows that forgetfulness is the result of lack of our interest. So if a man does not have a good memory, we may call him an eccentric. The wife was full of horror as the baby was left alone outside the public-house in a perambulator.

ENGLISH LITERATURE STUDY GUIDE: FORGETTING by Robert Lynd Questions Answers and Study Guide

You are commenting using your WordPress. There is something noble in the character of robetr man who can refuse turkey, and who is content with a mess of cauliflower, while all round him forgeetting enjoying saddle of mutton and red-currant jelly.


What, after the writer of Forgetting is forgettinf commonest form of forgetfulness? Under such a sky war and air raids seemed utterly incredible. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: In this context Robert Lynd remarks that the world has not yet produced an ideal statesman.

Weary of holding it, Lynd puts the letter in his pocket. Unknown October 14, at 9: After all, we can spend years enjoying music-hall songs and at the same time become passionate lovers of Handel and Bach. Forgetting results in higher things. A modern man remembers all the things that he is expected to remember like telephone numbers, name of cricketers and addresses of friends etc.

Their memory is not sharp and good. The writer says that the anglers are the most imaginative persons. A Plea for Trash 21 February Let no one suppose that I am inviting anyone to give up literature for trash. A Chancellor of the Exchequer can fumble incompetently with a million pounds amid general apathy while a fielder lyns fumbles with the ball becomes the object of barracking.

The players forget their footballs and bats in the trains and buses while returning from the games. His style of writing is elegant and charming.