FATHER GABRIELE AMORTH. An Exorcist Tells His Story. Translated by Nicoletta V. MacKenzie. IGNATIUS PRESS SAN FRANCISCO. Title of the Italian . An Exorcist Tells His Story has ratings and 97 reviews. Anna said: This book is NOT:1) a collection of horror stories. If you want such stories. The Reverend Gabriele Amorth, SSP (1 May – 16 September ) was an Italian Amorth wrote two memoirs of his time as an exorcist, An Exorcist Tells His Story and An Exorcist: More Stories. An Exorcist Tells his Story (translated by Nicoletta V. Mackenzie, ; ISBN ); Gospel of Mary: A Month .

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Now we are at the same level of decadence, partly as a result of the misuse of the mass media which are not evil in themselves and partly because of Western consumerism and materialism, which have poisoned our society.

This is complicated and I cannot explain it all in this little and immediately poorly written review. The devil is more hands on than before?

I encourage all who doubt me to read this book, as well as several other great books on this topic, and then let’s talk. ModenaEmiliaItaly.

Gabriele Amorth – Wikipedia

To me the chapter from a viewpoint of a formerly possessed person was absolutely indistinguishable from amofth PoV of a mental health patient.

Sometimes it will work but you will still need a doctor to fix the damage the demon did in the meantime. Amorth’s book is a significant contribution in this direction. Efficacious prayers, prayers that had been in existence for twelve centuries, were suppressed and replaced by new ineffective prayers.

We know that too. Interesting read – but mainly aimed at the priestly audience.

Amorth has claimed that an Italian schoolgirl who went missing in Rome inwas kidnapped for sex parties by a gang involving Vatican police and foreign diplomats. We do not need to give the devil greater power than he already possesses. Amorth’s book is powerful indeed; it serves as a reminder or warning? We learn little about him, but a great deal about his theology. Very informative I think he achieved his objective from the book.

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But you probably would avoid anything Christian based as well. There are some pretty fascinating cases that Amorth touches on, hiss the victim possesses superhuman strength, is totally immovable, or is a young child that provides the priest with some eerily profound answers to questions.

The books include references to official Roman Catholic teachings on demonology while the main emphasis is on Amorth’s experience as an exorcist.

For those of you looking for the Roman Rituals, you will not find them in this book, only Italian Roman Catholic priest and the senior exorcist of the Diocese of Rome. Any such person must be highly regarded for his prayer life, faith, acts of charity and judgment. By seeing accounts of the tangible jis of witchcraft, in a weird way, it strengthens your faith in the sacraments, in that these aren’t just empty rituals that are being performed, there is a deep, substantial impact on the participants.

Edward Peters, a telos of canon law, finds Amorth’s claim to have personally performed exorcisms over 90 years “astounding”. The Catholic Church may teells a particular target of his, but he takes victims where he finds them.

It is a matter of fact presentation of the reality of the spiritual realm by a man who touched it without fear every day. Tels vision, naturally parallels the book of Job, with the Church being in the place of Job. What Were the Crusades? Amorth tells us about his personal confrontations with the devil on hundreds of occasions. Oct 07, Annabelle Higgins rated it it was ok.


An Exorcist Tells His Story

Amorth was also one of the voices that made public warnings to parents about J. The Church’s Leading Exorcist”. No other book today so stor and concisely discusses the topic of exorcism. Again, this may not be unexpected for a priest, but it would help his case to show just a touch more skepticism. Paul where he was ordained a priest in Happy are You Poor. Witnessing “the Vatican Exorcist” at Work”. First of all, you are expected to take it as read that, sometimes, people have problems which are caused by demons.

Amorth doesn’t mince words when he describes not only successful exorcisms, but also failures and terrible mistakes that are made. Italy is a country and culture where intellectual and cultural achievement is admired: This is a terrifying book – not because it sets out any convincing evidence of demonic activity it doesn’t!

Gabriele Amorth

It was an easy and pleasant read. What I mean by “Exorcism ” is that Fr. Second, amoth one is a professional exorcist, one may indeed see everything in light of that profession, and so it is not surprising that Fr.

He specifically describes how to distinguish each apart. The Church needs to heal itself before it can cast the devil out of vabriele again. I frankly think despite the author’s claims the book contains many exaggerations. The devil has been granted enlarged power in the world by the manner in which he is ignored and God is denied.