Puzzle Master Cast Quartet puzzle is very popular among the puzzler Hanayama’s level 1 is equivalent to our level 5. level 6 is equivalent to our level some of the other metal puzzles, allowing you to reverse engineer the solution. Anywho, because the Hanayama puzzles are Cast puzzles (liquid I reassembled my Quartet (and now studying the video’s solution it is the. The Hanayama Cast Quartet came from Puzzle Master. There is no solution provided with the puzzle but if you wish (YES you will need it!.

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Good luck to the rest of you!

I had a few friends try to fix it and they can’t either. I really enjoyed solving the Quartet and the feeling of relief and hope I got from getting that first piece looser than the rest. I just twisted it in my hands and eventually, in like one or two hours, it just fell appart.

Brianwith his almost superhuman puzzling skills managed to open his but even he had to give up and get the solution to reassemble it! Then, obviously, with only two pieces left, the rest was straightforward.

These reviews are written by our customers. My long suffering wife says that whilst it looks lovely, the sound of it has driven her to distraction she absolutely hates me jingling constantly!

Solve a 2×2 Rubik’s Cube using only two algorithms How To: Puzzle Master makes every attempt aolution keep these posts informative and relevant. At every positon I tried all the moves possible, those that look easy and naturaly going, and than remembered the most promising one and continued in that direction.


PuzzleMad: Hanayama Cast Quartet

Is it weird that I solved this in five minutes? Easier to buy a new one! Each time, I got to something that looked promising i. I definitely don’t think I could solve it now without several days worth of fiddling. On Tuesday September 13th eric wrote.

And than the next day I just soltion it again randomly and managed to put it back again somehow in few hours, not long.

I’m sure a big part of it was luck for me, not here to brag but quartett you sense that this was some sort of record let me know! On Sunday December 27th eques wrote. I have managed to do it several times now and still get a kick out of it because it is still so difficult.

And thats exactly how I first approached the puzzle. The problem is I put two on backwards and I can’t undo it. Posted by Jamie at 2: This is so complex solutionn I doubt anyone could help untangle quaret from that unique position – you may be better off buying another copy for yourself – luckily it is a very cheap puzzle. I even tried to find a.

Puzzle Solution for Cast Quartet

Then ten seconds later I had the whole puzzle solved. After I removed that piece it was a simple matter of closing my eyes and fiddling around with the quagtet three pieces until I could get another piece loose, which I did!!! I knew this and I refrained from looking whilst I was trying to solve it. Now to try to put it back together.

Anyway, why I write this comment: I was quite determined to remember the moves and so really struggled to get any further. Yeah it’s always annoying when that happens. On Thursday November 27th Eugene wrote. For that reason they make silution stocking fillers and little gifts at Christmas.


On Tuesday January 2nd Todd wrote. This video tutorial will show you exactly how to solve this mind boggling Cast Quartet puzzle, which is rated a 6 out of 6 in difficulty by Hanayama. Every time I discovered a new promising move I remembered it and added it to the previous ones and repeted tham all to remember them so not to get stuck in any moment.

Anywho, the next struggle was to reassemble the Quartet back to its starting shape, with two interlinked solid squares. Hanayama cast iron puzzles are the perfect solution to being bored. Kevin 6 October at Once again I began fumbling around with it and it seemed I was getting nowhere. Jamie 4 February at I can get this one back together but 1 thing is wrong.

Cast Quartet | Wire & Metal Puzzles | Puzzle Master Inc

But I didn’t know how I did that. Learn how to solve the Hanayama Cast Quartet solutoin puzzle. The key word is “Bond. BUT, if you easily get frustrated then avoid it – as Brian said “it is almost too tough”. From this point I think it took me another half an hour to get it apart. On Tuesday June 24th Solorio wrote.

I’d not thought of that. At least for me, the first I came across not knowing it at the time!! I do wonder if they changed which pieces have the stamps on them.