The Glass Bead Game (Magister Ludi) [Hermann Hesse] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. The Glass Bead Game is an ultra-aesthetic. Magister Ludi [Hermann Hesse] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Magister Ludi [hermann hesse] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. German Literature, World Literature.

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Refresh and try again. He is looking for those things that balance those groups and ultimately those things that cause these groups to separate. But Hesse fooled himself, and in his excitement he determined to write a very long maagister, and that was a mistake from which there could be no recovery.

Are there any other reasonable alternatives? No longer redirecting my compass eastward toward a spirituality with a promise to enlarge consciousness.

The Glass Bead Game

Students of the Order, most often, renounce marriage. Open Preview See a Problem?

Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Like Carlsyle’s ‘Sartor Hermabn, there is meant to be an ironic disconnect in what the narrator fails to recognize about the sublime reality of the situation, though Hesse doesn’t descend into open absurdism like Teufelsdroeckh’s tale.

Indeed there has not been.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Then we get an introduction from the ‘actual author’ who denies the possibly of biography and tells us that we won’t tell us about the game before telling us about the game, and who in passing mentions the absence of various sources, before leaping into the story in which the purported author seems to have omniscient knowledge of the imaginary subject of the story.


Is this feature helpful? The exploration of how music, mathematics, intellectualism and life can become transcendent and beautiful. This has made me less well-off than I might have been.

Jun 04, Becky rated it did not like it Shelves: This book, which was a classic to the counterculture in the s, holds a deep, hermqnn appeal. Only a rarefied kind of academic could hope to understand such a game, let alone play it competitively.

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But this is Hesse’s masterpiece ,agister is full of ideas. Introduction denial of value of biography. The beginning of the novel introduces the Music Master, the resident of Castalia who recruits Knecht as a young student and who is to have the most long-lasting and profound effect on Knecht throughout his life. They suggest that from the very beginnings of culture, this primal ground of insight was available to us, and that it remains with us unaltered even in the highly sophisticated intellectual culture of Castalia.

But it is so unlike chess because it takes so very long to finish [10 days to two weeks] and a game would involve meditation. I think that peace comes from the idea of a spiritual retreat a common theme and surrender. If one were to read only one book by Hesse it should be this one, I had been told. It is about the edition, which is the worst physical hard back publication I can remember ever seeing.

This is a language that can express the entirety of our capacity for deriving meaning out of experience, and does so in such a way as to lead us to the central mystery: For example, the more glowingly he described the persona of a secular ‘Saint’, the more I felt he was describing the effects of a rather serious case of Alzheimer’s.


The Glass Bead Game by Hermann Hesse

Holt, Rinehart and Winston. Hermajn will have to post a full review when I have the time to give this what it deserves. View all 17 comments. Second Introduction I saw that a Goodreader commented on another review that they felt this was a book for young people, which caught my attention with a jolt because I had barely finished thinking that this was plainly a book written by an old man.

Magister Ludi’s inventive setting and method takes the basically unchanged storyline gifted young man progressing, achieving, and finally discovering the true meaning of lifeand heswe a sort of historical biography of the protagonist. Musical form reflects the Romantic side of cognitive form, and reflects Goethe’s mxgister While Carlsyle is unpredictable and madcap, Hesse’s narrative is low-key and repetitive.

Lists with This Book. Josef Knecht is one of them, Knecht’s life the subject of the story.

The Glass Bead Game – Wikipedia

The book also explores the mostly Eastern ideas of meditation, surrender, loss and renewal. The resounding answer within these halls is, of course we do. Likewise the ending of the book seems to make pointless satire of the ‘Sacred Transgressive Event’ of the hero, which I could appreciate, but if that is the case, then it certainly puts the rest of the book in an odd light.