Kanthapura is the enchanting story of how the independence movement becomes a tangible reality in a It is text of the Civil Disobedience. Read full review. Foster’s compliment that Kanthapura is the finest novel to come out of India in recent the Freedom Movement into a full-fledged national movement under the leadership of In the text of the novel there are direct references to the Rama. # Kanthapura. RDF/XML ( application/rdf+xml); N-TRIPLES (text/plain); HTML+RDFa (text/html) Your survey will open in a new window and you may complete the survey at any point during or.

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But they silenced him.

When you come out of this counting of beads, I shall give you a fine welcome with my broomstick! When Moorthy arrives, he is beaten by the policeman Bade Khan, but the coolies stand up for Moorthy and beat Bade Khan – an action for which they are then thrown out of the estate. I will tell you what he is doing: Time alone will justify it. Lingayya and Ramayya and Subbayya and Chandrayya owned the four big houses, and old Kamalamma had a little broken house at the end of the street where she spent her last days with her only son.

She spat at the door and walked away, to the consternation of Narsamma, and the whole village said Venkamma was not Waterfall Venkamma for nothing, and that Narsamma should not take it to heart. It is not a detailed analysis of the novel, but a synopsis of the novel. The novel has the flavor of an epic as it emerges through the eyes of a delightful old woman who comments with wisdom and humor on the variety and complexity of village life.


And now he was no more a pontifical brahmin. Moorthy said his gayathri thrice a thousand and eight times, and when the sanctum lights began to flicker he spread out his upper cloth on the floor and laid himself down. And there is Venkamma too.

Full text of “Kanthapura”

Will it bring us into trouble with the Government? And we shall stand none of this pariah affair. The road to the City of Love is hard, brother, It’s hard, Take care, take care, as you walk along it. Something around three hundred and fifty rupees. Then she too will go to kanthzpura on the fields with her husband.


Now you know the cobra, the python, the green snake, the water-snake, the krait, and the rattlesnake, textt you know how they move. And the Volunteers replies: And it was on one of those evenings that they had invited Jayaramachar — you know Jayaramachar, the famous Harikatha- man?

The Government has sent me here, and I need a house to live in. This flying snake, I tell you, 73 is a sly fellow. And the next day the White papers told us the Mahatma had taken a handful of salt after his ablu- tions, and he had brought it home, and then everybody went to the sea to prepare salt, and cartloads and cart- loads of it began to be brought back and distributed from house to house with music and clapping of hands.

Tomorrow is the fair.

There is no village in Indiahowever meanthat has not a rich sthala-purana, or legendary history, of its own. Moorthy goes to him and they talk fupl themselves, and then they talk to Jayaramachar, and Jayaramachar looks just as though he were going to spit out, and we never saw him again.


You only grumble yext weep. Satamma was lying by the door, her head upon her arms, resting. He sat and ate his food by the kitchen threshold and she in the kitchen, and everybody saw that Narsamma was growing thin as a oamboo and shrivelled like banana bark. But it is this pariah business that has been heavy on my soul. A self- chosen fool. And they all cried out and said: There is a long ttext. But nobody would say anything against him.

Heartbroken to hear it, his mother Narasamma passed away.

Kanthapura – Raja Rao – Google Books

And as the sky was all black now and not a star stood to the summit of the mountains, he thought it was Pandit Venkatcshia going to see his daughter. Bhatta is very learned in his art.

S V Ramani 16 October at But the Government does not pay me to find houses for title Police. Oh, if only I could have had the courage to put lizard-poison into their food! She sat herself down and she began to sob.

But strength was going out of his breath and his face began to grow shiny and shrivelled, and when dusk fell they all left him, and it was only Rangamma that went to sit near him for one moment in silence. Our Moorthy performed the camphor ceremony and from that day onwards Moorthy looked sorrowful and textt.