Request PDF on ResearchGate | Évaluation de bioindicateurs d’impact du recyclage de produits résiduaires organiques en sols cultivés: lien avec les. 25 nov. Utilisation des Biomarqueurs et Bioindicateurs dans la surveillance de la qualité des sols et l’évaluation des risques. Résultats du programme. La troisième édition du congrès Nématodes, Bioindicateurs a eu lieu à Carlow ( Irlande) les 28 et 29 juin Many anthropogenic factors have a negative.

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Trace element distribution in relevant arable soils and staple crops in France, In Imai Hideo ed. Soil macrofauna as indicators of soil quality and land use impacts in smallholder agroecosystems of western Nicaragua.

Protein and DNA fingerprinting of a soil bacterial community inoculated in three different sterile soils Research in Microbiology Atmospheric Environment 40, Scientists from across the world using a common platform, the phylum Nematoda, will present their studies on these environmentally important organisms to address questions of habitat and ecosystem changes at community, individual organism and molecular levels in terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems.

Loss in microbial diversity affects nitrogen cycling in soil.

Projets sur les sols – Fondation pour la Recherche sur la Biodiversité – FRB

Utilization of microbial abundance and diversity as indicators of the origin of soil aggregates produced by earthworms. It is envisaged that it will disseminate high impact science that could influence not only other scientists, but also regulators and policy makers.


Immunological method for direct assessment of the functionality of a denitrifying strain of Pseudomonas fluorescens in soil. Long-term effects of biomass removal on soil mesofaunal communities in northeastern Ontario Canada jack pine Pinus banksiana stands. Functions involved in the sublethal effects related to the chronic exposure of plants to trace elements.

Unité – Mench Michel

Is it possible to exploit these interactions to orientate the fate of organic matter in soil? In situ dynamics of microbial communities during decomposition of wheat, rape and alfalfa residues. Microbial Ecology, 53, Biogeographical patterns of soil bacterial communities. Functional Ecology 18, Protein extraction and fingerprinting optimisation of bacterial communities in natural environment.

Vangronsveld Phytostabilization of a metal contaminated sandy soil.

Biogeography of soil microbial communities: Land use history shifts in situ fungal and bacterial successions following wheat straw input into the soil. Themes for this symposium will include, but will not be limited to.

Congrès Nématodes, Bioindicateurs à Carlow (Irlande)

Applied and Environmental Microbiology. Coeurdassier, M, Scheifle, Mench, M.

Impacts of the biomass harvesting for bioenergy on soil mesofauna communities in the Canadian boreal forest. Effects of the geochemical and anthropic contaminations on the plant communities and associated organisms.

Ecology and Evolution 4 24 Soil microbial diversity and C turnover modified by tillage and cropping in Laos tropical grassland. Agronomy for Sustainable Development Use of amendments to attenuate trace element exposure: Meta-barcoded evaluation of the ISO standard DNA extraction procedure to characterize soil bacterial and fungal community diversity and composition. Atmospheric environment 40, Maurice Assessment of zerovalent iron for stabilization of chromium, copper, and arsenic in soil Environmental Pollution Scientific Reports 6 1 Mench Remediation of copper-contaminated topsoils from a wood treatment facility using in situ stabilisation Environmental Pollution My research is structured around three main questions:.


My research is structured around three main questions: European Journal of Soil Science. In Environmental restoration of metals-contaminated soils I.

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Environ Microbiol Report, 1: Ruttens Progress in assisted natural remediation of an arsenic contaminated agricultural soil Environmental Pollution Kristine Kellner et Aude Jouaux. Vangronsveld Long-term sustainability of metal immobilization by soil amendments: Understanding and managing soil biodiversity: Hioindicateurs of metal- and radionuclides-contaminated soils byin-situstabilization techniques.

Soil microbial diversity affects soil organic matter decomposition in a silty grassland soil Biogeochemistry. Kes conference will bring together experts working to understand the response of key food web organisms to these changes. Biomarkers of exposure of terrestrial plants to pollutants: Plus de cent scientifiques de tous. My general objective is to better understand the role of the diversity of soil microbial communities in the biogeochemical carbon cycle.