This manual provides information on the R82 Radar transmitter. It is important that Warranty. All MAGNETROL electronic level and flow controls are warranted. NEW MAGNETROL RAJ PULSE BURST RADAR LEVEL TRANSMITTER RA03J SERIAL# BG Any questions, please call. The Model R82 is a pulse burst radar from Magnetrol designed for light industrial applications. This device is an inexpensive solution to level measurement.

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Non-contact radar model R82 pulse burst radar transmitter

Radar has been part of the level measurement market for more than thirty years. The early designs used magnetroll tank gauging were heavy, expensive, power-hungry and complex. Advancements in radar circuitry have evolved the modern radar transmitter so that now it is light, inexpensive, loop-powered and easy to use.

The R82 is the logical extension of that evolution. Magntrol radar is a superior measurement technology with its ability to operate effectively in a wide range of process conditions.

Non-contact radar model R82 | Magnetrol

It has been too expensive to use as a replacement for ultrasonic transmitters in simple, daily applications The R82 radar transmitter can be considered the answer to almost every daily level measurement application imaginable. Pulse Burst Radar emits short bursts of energy to a liquid surface.


Ultra-high-speed timing circuitry measures the time of the signal reflected off the liquid surface. Sophisticated signal processing filters out false reflections and other background noises.

Magnetrol model R82 pulse burst radar transmitter

The exact level is then calculated, by factoring in tank height and other configuration information. The circuitry is extremely energy efficient so no duty cycling is needed as with other radar devices. The R82 radar transmitter is based mqgnetrol pulse burst radar technology with equivalent time sampling circuitry. Short bursts of 26GHz microwave energy are emitted and subsequently reflected from the liquid level surface.

Liquid magnetrop is then calculated by applying the user’s tank height and sensor offset values. Other approvals are available. Consult factory for more details. Find your local representative or contact us with any questions. You are here Home Products Non-contact radar model R82 pulse burst radar transmitter. Back to top Radar has been part of the level measurement market for more than thirty years. Vacuum to psig -1 to Lime slurry level Neutralization View industry details.


Open channel flow Level: Drilling fluid tanks Production Fluid Storage View industry details. Emergency coolant tanks View industry details. Water services Water wash tanks View industry details. Biofuel Geothermal View industry details. US en ru es pt. US en fr de IT ru.

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Magnetrol R82 Installation And Operating Manual

Level f82 Flow Measurement for Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants In a world more focused than ever on safe, sustainable stewardship of our water resources, it is critical to continue to improve the ways in which we measure and treat potable water and wastewater. Do you want personal advice for your specific control process? Contact your local Magnetrol representative!